Chamois Grip

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The JDH Chamois Grip is made from an extremely soft polyester microfiber material. Wrapped over an existing grip, the JDH Chamois Grip offers comfort and security in all conditions, working best in the wet.

Customer Reviews

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Denis Sirimanne
Very soft feel but,

As a big fan of the entire product range I should say the chamois grip needs alot of improvement compared to the quality of the rest of the products of JDH✌🏾

Dillon Waldron-Clark
Wear and tear

Love the feel of the grip but it wears too quickly after a single use let alone several ones

Josh Horsfield
Very poor

The order has not been delivered and I have had no updates as to where the order is.

Alessandro Rampazzo

Sorry, I have been very busy in the last few days ... I found myself very well with the new material you sent me, even the size of the sweatshirt is perfect, thanks a lot to the next ... I gave the name of my dad Alessandro but actually I'm Carlo; no problem soon Jdh team!
5 start rating.

Hi Carlo

Timothee Stockmans
Grip is fluffing extremely after 20min use

Same quality issue as the previously purchased grips. The difference with others brands and is quite extreme. Must be a production issue