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X93 Mid Bow (2020)

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Updated layup - the X93 is our stiffest and most powerful stick ever.

The signature JDH feel and touch has been kept whilst increasing stiffness and hitting power.

Made with the JDH Taper Toe™ design and in a range of bow’s, the X93 is our best stick yet.

Produced with top grade Japanese carbon and finished with 3K Carbon Twill cloth, this stick deserves its position at the top of our range.


Curve | 24mm | Bow Point | 300mm
Our Mid Bow mould is designed for players wanting a straight stick, perfect for hitting flat and hard, lots of players playing on grass prefer this mould.

Jamie’s 93rd game for Australia was the Olympic final in Athens and this stick is made with approximately 93% carbon.

Customer Reviews

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Cameron Hutchins
X93 Wand

This stick is an absolute wand. It will make you a better player. It will score you more goals. It may even make you more attractive. If you don’t have one, you should. If you already have one, you should probably have two.

Darren Morris
X93 Mid Bow

I decided to go back to a mid bow after using a low bow for the past 3 years. The decision was based on X93 mid bow providing me with what I hoped would be more accurate hitting without losing ability to flick in the circle or jink in play. Additionally with this stick change I have increased carbon percentage. It has taken very little time to adjust to the stick change, I am already experiencing more forgiveness in the hitting zone for both power and accuracy and a beautiful weighted and designed stick for dragging. Having worked through a number of brands through the years this was my first JDH stick. I am a convert, so much so am now adding a new one - this time for my son.

AB Brisbane
X93 MidBow 2020

Delivery was super quick, very happy with my purchase. As described nice feel, touch and great power. Feels super light.


X93 Mid Bow (2020)